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Post-Operative Exam

Remember that your post-operative exam is an essential way for you to know that your body has returned to normal. Since our cases are performed under ultrasound guidance and both the physician and the laboratory tech examine the tissue, it is not necessary to return for a post-operative exam unless you are having either complications or concerns realted to your recovery.

It is the responsibility of the patient to schedule a post-operative exam. You are welcome to return to the Atlanta Center for Women’s Choice for a post-operative sonogram at no charge, call and schedule an appointment at 404-602-4495. You are required to return three (3) weeks after your procedure. Failure to schedule within this time period will result in a Late Fee for post operative follow-up.

You can call your private Physician or other Healthcare provider if you prefer for your post-operative exam.

If you were given a starter package/Rx for oral contraceptives, start your pills on Sunday.

Your first normal period following the procedure will normally start in 4-6 weeks.

Should you need to contact us or to make an appointment, call (404) 602-4495 Monday- Friday 8:30-5:00pm.


We at Atlanta Center for Women’s Choice thank you for allowing us to take care of you during this emotional time. We believe that a woman should always have the right to choose. It has been our privilege to provide a safe, compassionate environment for your healthcare needs.

Warm Regards,
The Staff of ACWC



Some women bleed very little or not at all following the procedure, while other women have a heavier flow more like a period that can sometimes be accompanied by clotting. Rest assured that both conditions are normal, and there is no way to know beforehand which one of these you will experience.
You should call us immediately if you:

  • Are soaking through a full size sanitary pad within one hour and you are feeling weak or dizzy
  • Passing clots larger than a quarter


Please take your temperature twice a day for the next three (3) days.
Call the 24-hour emergency number if your temperature is over 101 degrees F.
Please note: If you should call with any medical problems, the staff will want to know your temperature within an hour before your call.

Some women may experience cramping for several days after the procedure. This may occur while you are taking the misoprostol/cytotec or may begin when you have completed the misoprostol/ cytotec. Mild to heavy cramping is not unusual. You may take a non-aspirin pain reliever as directed to relieve discomfort. DO TAKE ASPIRIN, IT TENDS TO MAKE YOUR BLEEDING HEAVIER.
*Call the office if you have cramping which is not relieved by the medication described above or the prescription pain reliever prescribed for you by the Doctor.

MEDICATIONS-It is very important that you complete all your medications as prescribed.


Take (1) tablet of Misoprostol/cytotec by mouth every 6 hours until all medication is gone . This medication reduces bleeding and helps shrink the uterus back to its normal size. This medication may cause cramping, nausea, and chills. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.


This medication is to relieve any discomfort you may have. Take 1 tablet every 12 hours as needed for pain. Take this medication with food to minimize stomach irritation and drink plenty of fluids. 

Ibuprofen (Motrin)

This medication is excellent for relieving cramping after your procedure. The over the counter dosage is 200mg. You should take three (600mg) to Four (800mg) tablets every eight (8) hours for severe cramping.


After a abortion it is not unusual to feel depressed or “blue”. This emotional “blue period” is caused by a shift in your hormones from the pregnancy to the non-pregnant state. Mild depression is normal and should pass within a few days. 


However, you should avoid strenuous activities until you feel up to it and have no significant discomforts when engaged in those activities. 

If there are activities at work or school that you are required to avoid, we will be happy to provide you with a Medical Excuse.

EXHALE | 1-866-4-exhale (394253)

If you need help after your termination Exhale is here to listen. Exhale offers a free national talk line where you can talk freely about your experience. All calls are confidential and will offer you non-judgmental support and respect.


Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice | Pro-faith, Pro-family, Pro-choice

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is America's ONLY interfaith organization dedicated to preserving reproductive choices and achieving reproductive justice. This is a great resource!

www.rcrc.org | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mom, Dad I'm Pregnant Mom

Dad, I'm Pregnant, is a project of ACN that helps young people and their parents communicate effectively.


A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion

A pregnancy option workbook there , not only, for Post-Abortion guidance and decisional counseling for those considering options during a pregnancy.


Catholics for Choice

1436 U Street NW, Suite 301 Washington, DC 20009-3997 

You deserve only compassion and kindness when facing the choice to have an abortion. 

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