Medical Abortion

A Medical Abortion is a non-surgical termination of your pregnancy which can be done between 5 weeks and 10 weeks per the standard of the National Abortion Federation. Our medical abortion program is one of the most affordable in the Metro Atlanta Area.

The medical abortion procedure involves taking a medication called Mifeprex or RU-486. Mifeprex works by blocking progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone necessary for the pregnancy to continue. The medication will be administered to you at the facility. Twenty-four (24) hours after taking the medication you will take another medication, Misoprostol, which is a prostaglandin that will cause the uterus to contract. You will be required to return to Atlanta Center for Women's Choice two weeks after completion of the medical abortion medications for a check-up to make certain the pregnancy has been successfully terminated.

This method of pregnancy termination has been found to be 95% and 98% effective. 1% of women will have a continuing pregnancy, and approximately 2%-5% of women will have an incomplete abortion. In these few cases the physician will prescribe another round of Misoprostol and have you return in one week for a follow-up ultrasound. In some cases, a D&C may need to be performed (though rare) and there will be no additional charge for this procedure. This is only required per the physician’s recommendation.
The medical abortion procedure is not for every woman, however it allows the patient to complete the pregnancy termination in the privacy of her home with 24 hour access to our on-call clinician should any problems or concerns arise.

“It is not uncommon to have some spotting or bleeding even before you actually administer the Misoprostol the next day.”

What can I expect during and after a Medical Abortion?

At Atlanta Center for Women's Choice your first step to having a medical abortion or abortion pill will be to have a sonogram. The sonogram will determine the length of your pregnancy. If you are between 5 and 10 weeks pregnant you will be eligible for this procedure.

  • After your sonogram you will have lab work performed
  • After your lab work has been completed and you are found eligible, you will be seen by an experienced medical abortion counselor who will discuss your understanding to have an abortion by pill. She will review your consent, review the prescriptions you will be given and how and when to take the medications.
  • All questions concerning any aspect of this procedure will be addressed by the counselor and physician.
  • You will be given instructions in writing along with Atlanta Center for Women's Choice’s 24 hour emergency phone number if you have any concerns after taking the abortion pill.

Special Note to our patients: 

Expect to experience significant bleeding and cramping after taking the second medication.

Allow yourself some private time to relax, and have someone you trust at least a phone call away or to offer support. 

You should have a heating pad and your medication for cramping readily available.  

Remember, your follow-up visit is essential to your recovery. Plan to return in two weeks for a follow up ultrasound to assure the completion of the abortion and to discuss contraception at that time. . There is no charge for this visit.

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