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Q. What should I do the night before my appointment?

Normally that information is outlined during the appointment making process depending on the procedure. For a medical (non-surgical) abortion by pill the night before the appointment nothing is required of you as a patient. You may eat the morning of your appointment and throughout the day as well. For a first trimester surgical procedure you may not eat after 12 am the morning of your procedure, that includes but is not limited to Ice, water, gum, or mints. You may; however, brush your teeth the morning of the procedure. If you take any pertinent medications it is important to mention that to the phone counselor so that the medical staff can give you information on how to take your medication the morning of.


Q. When making my appointment what about my medical history should I tell the Phone Counselor?

In this particular situation it is imperative that you disclose all medical information to the phone counselor including pertinent medications that you are currently taking or have taken within the last year. History of certain conditions such as asthma, seizures, heart murmurs, hepatitis, thyroid disorders, blood clots, food and latex allergies are important to know so that we can better accommodate you and ensure a safe and healthy recovery. By being forthright with this information while making the appointment you give yourself time to be cleared by the medical director and staff and seen in a timely fashion on the day of your appointment.


Q. After an Abortion will I be able to conceive again?

Absolutely! Provided that there are no complications after the abortion.


Q. What are the risks of abortion?

Like any surgery, abortion does have risks. However, abortion is a safe procedure that more often than not willl be completed successfully and free of complication. In fact, carrying a pregnancy to term has more risks than having an abortion. More specific questions can be answered the day of your procedure by the medical and counseling staff, or by the phone counselors. For additional information about the risks of abortion please click here.


Q. Will I feel pain after an abortion?

Everyone has a different perception and tolerance of pain. Generally the pain associated with an abortion is cramping similar to those one has during her period. This pain normally goes away within several days following her procedure and can be alleviated by an over-the-counter pain medication, or medications given to you on the day of your appointment or prescribed by the doctor.


Q. What Should I look for when choosing an abortion facility?

Having an abortion is a very difficult decision to make for yourself. It should not be augmented by going to a facility that you are not comfortable in. Call around and speak to the phone counselors, ask all the questions you need answered and then determine whether or not you feel comfortable being seen. Click here for more information about choosing abortion.

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Contact Us Today for more information, you can also begin making your appointment at this time as well. If you begin making your appointment now be sure to read Georgia's Women's Right to Know Act http://health.state.ga.us/wrtk/. All women having an abortion in the State of Georgia must be given this information at least 24 hours prior to having her procedure